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4 Reasons to Give Your Vehicle a GVM Upgrade for Caravanning

GVM stands for gross vehicle mass, and it simply dictates the maximum mass of a vehicle and all it carries. If the combined weight of a vehicle, driver, passengers, fluids and cargo exceeds that limit, the vehicle is not considered safe to drive.

GVM isn't something most drivers need to worry about, but it's something that should concern anyone planning on using their vehicle to tow a caravan. One limit on towing is the GVM, so increasing a vehicle's GVM can mean you'll be able to legally tow heavier loads. Here are just four reasons why that's great news for caravanners.

1. You Can Buy a Heavier Caravan

If you've yet to buy a caravan or are looking to upgrade your current model, getting a GVM upgrade first can increase your range of options. With a higher GVM, you'll be able to tow a heavier caravan. As such, the upgrade could mean the difference between buying a caravan that feels a bit too small or getting one that's just right. This is going to be your home away from home, so it only makes sense to invest in one that feels big enough for you and your family.

2. You Can Carry More

A GVM upgrade doesn't just let you take a heavier caravan. It also means you can bring more cargo. Remember, everything from your heaviest piece of cargo to a bottle of water counts towards your GVM. Since caravanning tends to involve taking a lot of cargo and extra outdoor accessories, vehicles without a GVM upgrade may struggle to stay under the maximum allowed weight.

3. You'll Feel More in Control

Driving can become trickier with the weight of a caravan behind you, especially if you ever need to drive across unpaved surfaces. However, a GVM upgrade can help. Upgraded parts will commonly include springs, axles, tyres and brakes. With these parts upgraded, you should notice that steering and braking are less affected by the weight of a caravan. Additionally, weight will often be better distributed, which can help improve stability to keep you safe.

4. You'll Improve Reliability 

The fact that GVM upgrades fit parts that can handle heavier loads means the added strain placed on your vehicle by towing a caravan will be better managed. As such, parts are less likely to fail unexpectedly or wear out before their time. Since caravanning often takes you far into nature and sees you covering long and lonely roads, anything that improves reliability will be a big plus.

For more information on an upgrade like a Ford Everest GVM upgrade, contact a company near you.