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The Benefits Of Vehicle Dyno Tuning

As a car enthusiast, you have probably encountered other enthusiasts who have dyno-tuned their cars. Therefore, you may be in a dilemma of whether to dyno-tune your vehicle. Vehicle dyno tuning adjusts the original ECU settings of the car while testing its performance on a dynamometer. So, what are the benefits of dyno tuning your vehicle? Below is a comprehensive guide. 

Increased Performance

Manufacturers make cars for various markets, each with its emission and engine size regulations. Therefore, they opt to limit the vehicle's power to ensure the cars can be used worldwide. Besides, limiting the engine power enables the car companies to make newer models with a slightly powerful engine without changing the original engine. This makes it possible for car enthusiasts to tweak the ECU settings and achieve considerable power gains without damaging the engine. 

Better Fuel Consumption

During a dyno tune, the tuner adjusts the air-fuel settings to increase the vehicle's efficiency. Therefore, if your car suffers from high fuel consumption, dyno tuning can help manage the condition. Typically, the tuner ensures that every drop of fuel in the combustion chamber is burnt to prevent fuel wastage. An increase in performance also means that it takes a shorter period for your vehicle to shift to higher gears. As a result, you can avoid fuel wastage by driving the car on low gears. 

Cost-Effective Car Modification Option

Dyno tuning is one of the cheapest ways to get considerable power gains from your vehicle. So, what are the alternatives? The easiest way to improve your car's performance is by using aftermarket air, fuel, and exhaust systems. These parts are more expensive compared to taking your vehicle for a tune. Another alternative is overhauling the engine with performance parts. For example, you could install a performance camshaft, a large turbo, new valves, a performance intercooler, and a new engine block to handle the sudden increase in power. These modifications will cost a lot of money. 

Identifying Underlying Car Issues

Your tuner will conduct a thorough check to establish if your vehicle is ready for tuning. These checks can help you identify hidden car problems that could prove to be catastrophic in the future. For example, a crack on the engine block could lead to overheating, oil leaks, and damage to internal engine components. The tuner can also identify damaged sensors, transmission issues, and problems in your cooling system. They will rectify these issues before tuning the car. Otherwise, increased performance will put pressure on these systems, and they will fail within a few days. 

Car dyno tuning helps improve car performance and fuel consumption. Besides, it is a cost-effective modification option and enables car owners to identify issues with their vehicles.