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3 Reasons to Use a Tandem Trailer to Carry Livestock

You may have times when you need a quick and easy way of transporting livestock around your farm. You might want to bring a sick animal closer to home. Or, you might want to move some stock to a new location.

A trailer with a stock cage makes this job easier. You can still use the trailer for other jobs, but you can also load stock on it when you need to. If you think that a trailer is a useful solution, then it's worth looking at tandem models rather than ones with just one axle. Why?

1. Tandem Trailers Can Take More Weight

Trailers with one axle can carry a fair amount of weight, but they might not be able to transport your stock safely. You might have greater weight needs. Tandem trailers have two axles rather than one. They can typically carry higher weight loads than single-axle models. You can transport larger animals or multiple small ones more easily.

2. Tandem Trailers Have Better Balance

You need to find a way to make any trailer trip as comfortable as possible for your livestock. You don't want to stress them out. If they get uncomfortable or scared, then they might kick up a fuss. They could get injured, and they could also damage the trailer if they kick out.

Single-axle trailers sit on one set of wheels. They don't always have great balance because they only have one point of stability. If an animal feels insecure on the trailer because they don't have a stable base to stand on, then they will feel anxious. They might panic if the trailer rocks up and down.

A tandem trailer has two sets of wheels. This extra set makes the trailer more balanced as you drive. If you add a jockey wheel to the front of the trailer, then it becomes even more stable. Your stock will feel more secure.

3. Tandem Trailers Can Access More Areas

If you have a large farm, then some areas might not be all that accessible. A single-axle trailer might struggle to cope with rough and uneven ground. Even if you can get the trailer out to a remote part of your farm to pick up a stray animal, the ride home won't be comfortable. The trailer will bounce about.

A tandem trailer deals with off-road conditions more effectively. The dual axle makes the trailer more robust; tandem models also usually have better suspensions and braking systems. So, you'll be able to tow the trailer all over your farm without giving any stock you carry too rough a ride.

To find out more, contact tandem trailer suppliers.