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Camshaft Packages: Tips for the Care and Maintenance of Camshafts

Camshafts are an integral part of your car. Like everything else in it, they require proper care and maintenance. If you intend to upgrade your cams, then you should visit a reputable auto shop to get excellent camshaft packages. You can also shop online and get a good one. Here are three tips on camshaft care and maintenance.  

Regular Inspection 

Ensure that you regularly inspect your camshaft. This way, you will be able to spot problems early. Most people do not realise there is a problem until it is too late because they never check. On inspection, even the slightest doubt about the camshaft should prompt you to change it. Make a point to look at the teeth on the cams. They should wear out evenly. Where they are not, or they are all flattened out, they are not safe to use. Look at the cable body too. You can straighten it out if it is slightly bent after a fall. However, if there are any broken wires, you should replace it immediately. Cam stops and springs can break if the camshaft was not correctly installed. If they are broken, you need to replace the unit. Check the slings. If you notice any sign of damage to the slings, replace them.  


Cams must be well-lubricated. After you have cleaned them, do not store them while wet. That could damage them. Ensure that you dry them thoroughly. Then use a considerable amount of lube on them. That will protect them from rust and corrosion. Keep the unit away from corrosive substances such as acidic cleaners. Car battery fumes can also cause corrosion. If you notice signs of corrosion, use battery-safe cleaner or steel wool to remove the corrosion. If you are not sure whether the corrosion has adversely affected the unit, talk to a professional for advice.  


The most important part of the care and maintenance of the camshaft is cleaning. An oil flush will not sufficiently remove all the oil and dirt lodged in the camshaft. Therefore, clean the unit carefully. You can use steel wool to remove any corrosion. Ensure that you do not use harsh, corrosive solvents on the camshaft. It would be best if you did not expose the camshaft to acids. These will irreversibly damage the cam slings. That includes battery acids.  


Ensure that you follow the above care and maintenance tips to take care of any camshaft packages. Ensure you have camshafts installed by professionals.