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Common Questions About Towbars Answered Once And For All

Towbars are a very common motoring accessory that fulfils the dual purpose of helping tow large items and as a safety feature for the back of your car. Millions of cars across Australia already have towbars installed, but even with this massive proliferation, some people just buying towbars for the first time get nervous. There are a few common questions when it comes to installing and keeping towbars and if they affect anything serious in your warranties or performance, so here is an overview of them.

Towbars Void The Warranty Of Your Car

This is a very old misconception about towbars that is sometimes perpetuated by car dealerships themselves. The simple fact is that when towbars meet Australian design standards, they can be fitted to your car without fear of voiding any warranties. They also need to be fitted by professionals in this area (lest they are put in wrong), but barring any extraordinary circumstances, towbars do not void warranties. Many car dealerships have good relationships with neighbouring mechanics, so if you want to get it done straight away, ask them to see if they have any recommended options for you to pursue. 

Towbars Can Weigh Your Car Down And Affect Performance

While towbars can be extraordinarily heavy, there is little truth to this. Towbars are purpose-built to have as little impact on your driving performance as possible, and you can often not even tell when you get behind the wheel of a car with a towbar attached. The only exception to this might be a slightly lowered back of the vehicle which could cause problems when reversing down an uneven incline. Other than that, there is no notable change in performance from your vehicle, and for everyday use, most people will never even notice they had a towbar attached after the first few rides. 

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Towbars?

Towbars are sturdy attachments but they do not last forever, especially if used frequently. A towbar mobile installation service is always a great way to get an easy and quick assessment about whether your towbar is on its last legs. As a general rule, towbars will only need to be replaced if they are used every day or every other day, commonly in a professional environment. If you are using a towbar for recreational use and only once a month or even less, then towbars should last you 10-20 years, if not more.