Different Grilles To Consider When Accessorising Your Truck

How to Fool Even the Most Ardent Trailer Thief

Barely a day seems to go by without a frantic post on social media that is meant to notify people of the theft of a car. It seems that it's getting even more risky to park such a vehicle outside on the public road, as you never know when somebody will want to deprive you of your precious asset. Little wonder, therefore, that people are increasingly concerned, and you may be even more worried if you've just bought a car trailer that is even more 'portable'. What can you do to make sure that you protect your car trailer?

Dealing with Real-World Threats

If you don't have the luxury of a large garage, then you may be forced to leave your trailer outside and in a potentially vulnerable position. In this case, an enterprising thief would simply have to hook their tow vehicle up to the trailer before driving off into the sunset. However, if you're prepared and buy a certain number of crucial accessories, you can foil their best-laid plans and even deter them from afar.


To begin with, install a locking mechanism on the coupler so that a thief cannot manoeuvre the trailer onto the towing hitch. Ideally, buy a version that will automatically lock itself and so you don't need to remember each time. As a bonus, this type of lock will be active when the trailer is attached to your vehicle as well.


Then, tie your trailer to a nearby object (such as a lamppost or fence) with a cable that has a built-in alarm. Typically, these products come with a label that you can attach to your trailer and that will advise the thief that the alarm will go off if they try to break through.

Extra Safe

Some people choose to add wheel clamps to their trailer, as these are particularly difficult to break into. They may be a hassle to put on and take off, but they will certainly deter a thief from afar. If you're adamant that you want to hold on to your possession, it's a worthwhile investment.

Further Advice

You may be able to get some additional accessories that will help you to retain possession of your goods and allow you to sleep more soundly in bed. Talk with your trailer accessory supplier to see what they can advise in the constant battle to defeat the bad guy.