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4 Useful Vinyl Car Mat Features

Vinyl car mats are a good way to keep the interior of your car clean, especially since the mats themselves are easy to maintain. Before you buy mats, it's worth looking for these useful features.

1. Cut-to-Shape Designs

Depending on the car mats you purchase, some products won't necessarily be a perfect fit for your car. They might have a basic fit that is a little on the large size. Car mats work most effectively when they fit snugly in place. You want them to give you the coverage you need on the floor without being too big to fit into the space. If they're too big, they might move around too much, and they might not feel comfortable under your feet. One option is that you can buy cuttable car mats. Here, you trim the edges before you fit the mats to make sure you get the right fit. This is a useful option to have if you have a car that has uniquely designed mat spaces.

2. Ridged Undersides

An effective car mat sticks firmly in place and doesn't move about. However, if you pick a mat with a smooth or lightly-scored underside, then the mat might not have the proper sticking capability you need. As such, you should take a look at the underside of any mats you're interested in before you buy them. Look for deep and distinct ridges or patterns. Deep ridges help the mat get a grip on the carpet underneath it, which means they keep it in the right place.

3. Deep Treads

The top surface of car mats should trap dirt and mud that comes off your shoes. It should keep them from spreading to other parts of your car. A smoother surface will hold the dirt and mud to start with, but bits might move about as you drive. If you buy mats with deeper ridges, then anything that comes off your shoes will fall into the ridgelines and stay there until you get a chance to clean the mats.

4. Raised Edges

Even high-quality car mats can cause problems around their edges. Any dirt, water or mud that gets close to an edge might fall or seep under it. Your mat might look clean, but it could be sitting on dirt that you don't immediately notice. This dirt could get ground into your carpet. However, if you buy car mats with raised edges or lips, then they should hold dirt on their surface more effectively. They'll protect your carpet more effectively.

To find out more about vinyl car mat features, contact car accessory suppliers.