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What Are the Benefits of Decked Ute Drawer Systems?

Ute drawers give you a secure way to carry tools, equipment and leisure kit in your vehicle. While some people install regular drawers that attach to the ute's bed, you can also install a decked system. How do these drawers work and what are the advantages of using them?

What Are Decked Ute Drawers?

Regular ute drawers usually attach to the base bed and/or sides of a ute or 4WD. Once installed, these drawers change the footprint of the bed, making it no longer flat.

Decked ute drawers work differently. Here, the drawers sit under a specially constructed flat deck. The deck lies on top of the drawers which slide in and out from it. The system covers some or all of your vehicle's bed area.

Why Use Decked Ute Drawers?

A decked ute drawer system has some useful benefits over regular drawers. For example, it could help you retain the versatility of your current tray while giving you additional security benefits. However, this does mean that if you bolt conventional drawers on the bed of your vehicle, then you lose some tray capacity as the drawers take up space. As a result, you might not be able to get larger items on the bed as easily any longer since your carrying capacity is reduced. Plus, you might have problems loading heavier items. You can't spread the load if the ute drawers take up space that you can't then use.

Fortunately, a decked ute drawer system covers the original tray bed, which means the deck on top of the drawers replicates this flat space. While you do lose some height capacity, you retain more bed space. So, if you need to carry larger items, you have more room to put them on the deck. The drawers hide away under their deck, so you lose less space. You also have more space to spread heavier loads across the deck, so you won't lose any weight capacity.

Decked systems also enhance your security. Standalone drawers are pretty obvious; they could be a target for thieves. Conversely, if you use a decked drawer system, then your drawers sit under their covering deck since the deck just looks like a tray base. Even if someone recognised the system, they'd find it harder to break into. They'd have to find a way to access the drawers under the deck.

To find out more about decked ute drawer systems and how they could work for you, contact your auto accessories supplier.