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Top Tips When Buying A Hybrid Camper

Are you a camping enthusiast? If you are, then you should invest in a hybrid camper this year. Hybrid campers are a mix of the standard caravan and a camper trailer. They are small in size and have hard walls. The result is a durable caravan that can meet all your camping needs. 

The primary advantage a hybrid camper is its compact size. Its width is similar to that of a standard 4WD. It is also made from lightweight materials to ensure you have an easy time towing it. Due to their small size, hybrid caravans promote outdoor living. Beds are located inside the camper. However, cooking and showering facilities are outside the trailer. Large hybrids may have an onboard kitchen and shower. Hybrid campers usually have an awning to protect you from harsh weather as you cook or relax.

Below is a short guide to help you purchase a hybrid camper: 

Camper Accessories

From the onset, you must be certain about the accessories you need in the hybrid camper. Standard campers will come with essential accessories such as a washroom-shower combo, kitchen area and a sleeping area for two or three. Full-size hybrid campers might have luxury features such as LED screens, an onboard music system, charging ports, a large kitchen area, air conditioning, an internal shower and solar panels. Most companies can customise the trailer to fit your needs. For instance, they can raise the suspension if you will be travelling off-road. They can also install bigger water tanks if you intend to camp for a few weeks.  

Build Quality

The camper chassis should be compact. A welded frame may be prone to cracks as you travel off-road. You may want to avoid campers with a wooden floor. Wood is prone to rot and warping when it comes in contact with water.

Camper Warranty

When buying a new hybrid camper, consider companies that provide a warranty. The warranty should cover internal components such as the fridge, plumbing system, shower, and kitchen accessories. Some companies may give free service for the first year.


Conduct some research to know how various manufacturers price their hybrids. Typically, you will pay more if the camper has advanced features. You could purchase the hybrid during cold months when there is a low demand for camping equipment to save money. Used hybrid campers should be purchased from dealers who are willing to give a guarantee. Thoroughly inspect the trailer to ensure it does not have any cracks on the frame. Besides, all amenities should be functional.

When buying a hybrid camper, examine the available accessories, build quality, warranty and pricing.